In Western Australia, there are several different driving licences available. From car licences to heavy vehicle and motorcycle licences. The below are those that are related to driving regular cars.

L-Plates, Red P-Plates, Green P-Plates, E-Plates and more!

L Plates
Learner Permit: This is obviously a plate that a person who is learning to drive displays on their vehicle. If you are learning to drive, you must display these clearly on your vehicle (front and back), except in the case of motorcycles which are only required to display them on the back.

Red Ps
The RED P plate (red plate with a white P) indicates that a driver has a provisional drivers’ licence for less than 6-months. They are required to have zero alcohol in their system.

Green Ps
The GREEN P plate indicates that a driver has held a provisional drivers’ licence for at least 6-months. They are still required to have zero alcohol in their system. They are not allowed to supervise a learner driver.

Full Licence
In Western Australia, you need to have held your provisional licence for a minimum of 2-years (includes combination of Red P’s and Green P’s). There is also a minimum age requirement of 19 years. A full licence holder is allowed to have a maximum alcohol reading of 0.05 and is permitted to supervise a learner driver, unless other conditions have been applied to their licence.

E Plate

In this case, E stands for “Extraordinary”. An Extraordinary licence can sometimes be granted after a court imposed disqualification. An immediate disqualification period is not a court imposed disqualification. These licences are granted at the court’s discretion and applications for such permits may or may not be considered in cases where a licence is required for transport to employment or medical treatment.

All licencing details, restrictions and details are subject to change. Please visit the government transport website in your location to confirm the details and correct laws. Please check the