Driving when you are tired is a serious road safety issue. Fatigue related car accidents are often very severe because sleepy drivers don’t take evasive action. Would you get in a car if the driver was clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs? In the same way, you should avoid getting in the car with fatigued driver, even if that person is you!

It is a serious issue that has serious consequences. Drowsiness which is mostly caused by a lack of sleep will cause a loss of alertness, poor judgement, slower reactions, reduced driving skill and may cause you to fall asleep while driving.

Sleepy drivers will sometimes drift into what we call ‘micro-sleep’. Micro-sleeps are short, 3-5 second naps. Road conditions can change during these brief moments and drivers can veer off the road into pedestrians and other obstacles such as oncoming traffic.

If you fee yourself becoming tired while you are driving, then quickly find a safe place to pull over and park so that you can have a short sleep or step out some where safe for some fresh air and do some exercise like push-ups, jogging and have some food or coffee to increase your alertness. Don’t “burn the candle at both ends” with late nights and partying. A responsible driver makes sure that they are well rested and alert when they drive. Do not drive if you are feeling sleepy. Call a friend, a taxi or Uber or make alternate arrangements to ensure that you will not put yourself and others at risk.

To pass a driving test you need to be alert. The same is true for general driver safety in the real world. You need to be awake and alert at all times.