More and more drivers are illegally using their mobile phones while driving. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is stationary while you are waiting at the traffic lights, it is dangerous and illegal for a driver to touch a mobile phone whilst driving a vehicle. It is a good idea to switch off your phone off before you drive, or investing in a blue-tooth, hands-free device.

A mobile phone may only be used by the driver of a motor vehicle to make or receive a phone call while driving if the phone is either

secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle
if not secured, can be operated without touching it (voice activated).
It is illegal to create, send or look at a text message, video message, email or similar communication while driving.

The GPS function of a mobile phone may be used by a driver while driving as long as the phone is secured in a mounting, and the driver does not need to touch the phone (including the keypad or screen) at any time.

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