Using Mobile Phones While Driving

More and more drivers are illegally using their mobile phones while driving. It doesn't matter if your vehicle is stationary while you are waiting at the traffic lights, it is dangerous and illegal for a driver to touch a mobile phone whilst driving a...

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“I Don’t Need A Seat Belt For A Short Trip”

Accidents often occur on short trips, close to home and seat belts SAVE lives. If you are not wearing a seat belt, then you can be thrown about inside a car during a car accident. You could be severely injured or killed by smashing in to the windscreen,...

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Warning Sleepy Drivers

Driving when you are tired is a serious road safety issue. Fatigue related car accidents are often very severe because sleepy drivers don’t take evasive action. Would you get in a car if the driver was clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs? In...

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What do the different plates mean?

In Western Australia, there are several different driving licences available. From car licences to heavy vehicle and motorcycle licences. The below are those that are related to driving regular cars. L-Plates, Red P-Plates, Green P-Plates, E-Plates and...

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Automatic Driving Lessons

With the safety of dual-control foot pedals and airbags, AllPass Driving Academy have a late model Hyundai i20 AUTOMATIC (and also a 5-speed manual - Hyundai i30). We offer AUTOMATIC VEHICLE driving lessons and manual lessons to all of our clients. We are...

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Finding a Trusted Driving Instructor

There are a lot of different driving schools out there and we hear from students who have had good and bad experiences. It can be difficult trying to find a driving instructor online, because the temptation when you don’t know the difference between the...

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