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Finding a Trusted Driving Instructor

There are a lot of different driving schools out there and we hear from students who have had good and bad experiences. It can be difficult trying to find a driving instructor online, because the temptation when you don’t know the difference between the various driving instructors and driving schools is to simply go with the cheapest one. It is always preferable to go with an experienced and patient driving instructor who has been recommended by a friend or a trusted source.

Automatic Driving Lessons

With the safety of dual-control foot pedals and airbags, AllPass Driving Academy have a late model Hyundai i20 AUTOMATIC (and also a 5-speed manual - Hyundai i30). We offer AUTOMATIC VEHICLE driving lessons and manual lessons to all of our clients.

We are more than happy to provide professional driver training to our customers who are only requiring automatic licenses in our automatic vehicle or their own if preferred.

What do the different plates mean?

In Western Australia, there are several different driving licences available. From car licences to heavy vehicle and motorcycle licences. The below are those that are related to driving regular cars.

L-Plates, Red P-Plates, Green P-Plates, E-Plates and more!

Warning Sleepy Drivers

Driving when you are tired is a serious road safety issue. Fatigue related car accidents are often very severe because sleepy drivers don’t take evasive action. Would you get in a car if the driver was clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs? In the same way, you should avoid getting in the car with fatigued driver, even if that person is you!

It is a serious issue that has serious consequences. Drowsiness which is mostly caused by a  lack of sleep will cause a loss of alertness, poor judgement, slower reactions, reduced driving skill and may cause you to fall asleep while driving.

"I Don't Need A Seat Belt For A Short Trip"


Accidents often occur on short trips, close to home and seat belts SAVE lives. If you are not wearing a seat belt, then you can be thrown about inside a car during a car accident. You could be severely injured or killed by smashing in to the windscreen, other parts of the car and car contents and also other people who are traveling with you.

It doesn't matter how good you are at driving, some accidents are unavoidable. Each person in the vehicle must be appropriately restrained and in a seated position, this includes the driver and the passengers (even on short trips!).

Using Mobile Phones While Driving

More and more drivers are illegally using their mobile phones while driving. It doesn't matter if your vehicle is stationary while you are waiting at the traffic lights, it is dangerous and illegal for a driver to touch a mobile phone whilst driving a vehicle. It is a good idea to switch off your phone off before you drive, or investing in a blue-tooth, hands-free device.

It Is NOT A Computer Game.

Computer games are a lot of fun and a safe way to pretend to race against your friends. If you crash, you get another life! But driving a real vehicle is no game and you only have one life. You hold other people's lives in your hand when you get behind the wheel of a car, so don't show off or speed, because life is a precious thing.

A Passion for Passing


I love seeing my students pass their driving test first go. It is so rewarding to see them transition into confident but cautious drivers who are well equipped to drive safely and pass their test. I have been doing this for many years and I still have a passion and receive great joy out of seeing my students progress through the different stages of leaning to drive.

I love the name Allpass because it shows my desire for all my students to pass their assessments. With the right driving instructor, you can AllPass!

- Neil Bates
AllPass Driving Instructor

The Colour of the New Car

To keep our students equipped with the latest, modern, learn-to-drive vehicle, AllPass has upgraded our vehicle. We still offer the safety of dual-control foot pedals and airbags, but after polling some of our students about colour preferences, we decided to take a bold move and order something "other than white" this time. We will help you prepare to pass your driver's test in style!

Public Transport Problem

I need to get my drivers licencePerth has some pretty good public transport options available (trains and buses), but there is nothing like having the freedom to come and go according to your own schedule (and not that of a bus or train!). For many Perth residents (especially students), Taxis are just not an affordable, longterm option.

If you don't live within easy walking distance of public transport, then you will understand the problem and know the inconvenience it can be having to ask others for a lift all the time.

Getting your drivers license is an eventual necessity for most people and the best place to get driving lessons in Perth is with AllPass Driving Academy.

Call Neil today on 0423 969 566

I Passed my Driving Test!

I receive a lot of emails and text messages from students when they pass their driving test and it is one thing that I really love about the job. It is rewarding to seeing people pass their driving test first time! It is not so common to receive hand-written thank you notes in this day of technology, so they are always extra special.

I took a photo of this lovely letter from Varena, who's son recently passed his driving test.

Booking Your Driver's License Test

From 20th June 2013, learner drivers and instructors are able to book tests online up to six months in advance and at any licensing centre in the State, this includes the Willagee Licensing Centre where all my students sit their driving assessments.

In the past it was very difficult to make bookings and sometimes it might take up to 2 months to finally get a suitable booking. The new online system has meant that I and other driving instructors can now search for suitable booking times in the evening instead of trying to make bookings over the phone during the day or queuing  up at the centres which can interrupt our students lessons.

It is preferable that I make the bookings for my students but others can make their own at Applicants need to have a learner's permit.
Each applicant can make only one booking, though it can be changed or cancelled at any time.

Bookings can still be made over the phone or at licensing centres.




Mum and Dad are STRESSED!

Dual Pedal Controls for safer driving lessons

It's no wonder that parents are feeling stressed when they take their teenage children out for driving lessons. Parents usually have enough on their plates managing the household and doing their own work. People don't learn to drive on their own, so it is usually the parent's role to nervously saddle up next to their excited teenager.

A calm driving instructor will help your learner develop confidence. Trying to teach your child to drive at the end of a day's work can be stressful, especially if you are not experienced as an instructor. Apart from the obvious benefits of instructor experience and specialised training and certification, there is one very significant safety benefit of using a driving instructor from AllPass Driving Academy. We use specialised vehicles that have been fitted with dual control pedals. This gives the instructor extra control over the vehicle and it increases the safety of your child.


For added safety, call AllPass Driving Academy today on 0423 969 566


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