Thinking of getting your driver’s licence in WA – if you have not started the process yet then you will be required to follow these steps.

1. 16 years + you can sit your Theory Test

2. 6 months later sit your Hazard Perception Test

3. 17 years + sit your Practical Driving Assessment

4. Note if you are under 25 years you will need to do a 50 Hour Log Book – demonstrating 50 hours of supervised driving including 5 hours of night driving. If you are over 25 years you will not need to keep a log book.

5. Once you have successfully completed your Theory Test, Hazard Test and Practical Driving Assessment (plus log book, if required) you will always display green Plates for 6 months then change to red P plates for 18 months. See for restrictions on novice drivers.

6. After 2 years on P plates you no longer need to display them on your vehicle.


New 1 meter rule when passing bike riders in Western Australia, introduced from the 30 November 2017.

When approaching a bike rider please ensure you are at least 1 (speed 60km or less) to 1.5 metre (speed more than 60 km) away from the cyclist when passing. Note: the law allows you to cross solid single and double white lines, and painted islands, if it is safe, to pass a cyclist safely. The fine is $400 and 4 demerit points if you do not allow these distances when passing cyclists.


NOTE: if you are a cyclist it is now legal for you to cycle on any footpath in WA that is not otherwise signposted.