There are a lot of different driving schools out there and we hear from students who have had good and bad experiences. It can be difficult trying to find a driving instructor online, because the temptation when you don’t know the difference between the various driving instructors and driving schools is to simply go with the cheapest one. It is always preferable to go with an experienced and patient driving instructor who has been recommended by a friend or a trusted source.

Finding reviews online can be beneficial, so if you have a good or bad experience with a driving instructor, post feedback online so that others can benefit from it.

Perth’s AllPass Driving Academy constantly receives positive feedback and referrals from happy customers. The reason for that is that they don’t treat customers like numbers. They treat them like they are teaching a friend’s child to drive: with care and respect and with the goal to enable them to be safe drivers that pass their test the first time.

AllPass teaches all of the important driver training skills that are required to equip the next generation of safe drivers.

 Below are just a few of the driver training areas that are covered:

•    Reverse Parking
•    Parallel parking
•    Safe Merging
•    Blind Spots
•    Changing Gears
•    Correct use of the clutch
•    Steering
•    3-point turns

To read some of the positive feedback and 5-STAR reviews, visit the AllPass facebook page.

“Hi, I have a very happy little girl here. Thank you so much for all your kind supportive help teaching Erin to drive. I do very much appreciate your help and we’re looking forward to phase 2 and many years of safe driving. Thank you.” – Michelle