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    Driving Lessons

    An experienced and patient driving instructor will help you get your manual license fast!
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  • Fremantle Driving School
  • Fremantle and Riverton Driving School
  • AllPass works in Fremantle, Cannington, Melville, Riverton and surrounding areas. Not sure if we service your area? Just give us a call, sms or email!

Neil is an accredited driving instructor with the keys2drive program. This is an Australian government funded program, which gives a free driving lesson, & support to...


  • Driving Lessons, Fremantle - Perth

    Welcome to AllPass Driving Academy!

    Training the next generation of safe drivers. If you are looking for a professional business and an experienced driving instructor who is patient and caring and has a very high pass rate and is committed to teaching you to be a safe and confident driver, then you have come to the right place. Contact us today.

  • Learn to Drive Gift Certificates

    Gift Certificates!

    Buy your loved one a driving lesson gift certificate. Ask us about our bulk discounts.

  • Driving Lessons, Fremantle - Perth


    You can choose from automatic or manual vehicles. Contact us today.

  • Elderly License Renewal Training Test

    Senior Licence Renewals

    In Western Australia, once you reach the age of 80 you need to undergo an annual medical assessment before you can renew your driver's licence. Find out more about senior licence renewals for 80-84 year old drivers.

Finding a Trusted Driving Instructor

There are a lot of different driving schools out there and we hear from students who have had good and bad experiences. It can be difficult trying to find a driving instructor online, because the temptation when you don’t know the difference between the various driving instructors and driving schools is to simply go with the cheapest one. It is always preferable to go with an experienced and patient driving instructor who has been recommended by a friend or a trusted source.